The Case of the Missing Nazi Brain

Heinrich Himmler was the creator of what we know as the holocaust. 

Either the 2nd or 3rd in charge of the Nazi’s, depending on what day.

During the crumbling of the Nazi party, many of the high ranking leaders fled.

Some of them to Argentina.

In which, there’s an entire town that solely speaks German (wonder why).

Heinrich Himmler had fake identification, and a fake name during his process of fleeing.

And, well…

He didn’t get far, as he was caught.

Eventually, he ended up in British custody and was questioned.

He then quickly after died from “poison”.

That fact itself is debatable, they would have searched him for cyanide.

He was found significantly bruised, it’s likely he was actually beaten to death.

Here’s the big conspiracy, though:

Some of the British royals were provably Nazi supporters, such as the Duke of Windsor (Marburg Files).

Himmler was very much the type of guy to keep records of everything.

And even more so, keep it as a bargaining chip.

In Britain there’s a saying to protect crown, then country.

Notably in that order.

Reports followed that his brain was removed.

The testimony was made by a military member on guard duty.

At the time, they would frequently do this to study what makes evil people evil.

For example, the US held onto parts of Mussolini’s brain as well.

(Or even what makes genius people genius, Einstein’s brain was conserved, too.)

It’s no stretch to imagine they did it to Himmler as well.

Later on:

The order was given to dig up Himmler in regards to the cyanide death.

So, they dug up the poor conditioned body in order to inspect the teeth that would have chewed the cyanide pill.

They also had records of Himmlers teeth to confirm it was in fact Himmler.

The only issue?

Between Himmlers death and burial, most of his teeth were pulled out.

That means they couldn’t truly confirm the cause of death, nor the identity.

Many the things revolving around high Nazi officials are clouded in mystery.

This is certainly true as well.

One thing that is likely though is some neurology center in London has Himmler’s brain.

One thing that’s proven is the British royal family contained Nazi supporters, and it’s likely they would want to save face from the blowback of one of the highest Nazi members, even at the cost of gaining significant intelligence.

It would have certainly benefited them to kill him and cover up the entire thing, keeping everything clouded.

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