Question Everything

Socrates is a well-known philosopher from ancient Greece.

Approximately 5th century BCE.

Another group of philosophers prevalent at that time was the Sophists. 

There’s a big difference between them, though.

The Sophists were primarily salesmen.

They traveled around essentially selling seminars on how to use rational arguments in persuasive ways.

Such as court.

On the other hand, Socrates believed wisdom was the ultimate reward for everything.

Typically, when money is involved, you tend to get biased.

The Sophists twisted what the truth was in order to further a narrative. 

That’s kind of what they got paid to do.

Teach people to bend narratives with rational arguments.

Their alliance was to money, not the truth.

Ultimately Socrates challenged the concept of gods.

This leads him to court.

Normally, most people in court try to defend themselves and apologize.

He didn’t apologize. 

He essentially said it only hurts them more to silence questions.

And that he wasn’t sorry for questioning anything.

It was questioning everything that lead to the absolute truth.

He was sentenced to death.

That wasn’t the end of Socrates, though.

He became one of the most well-known philosophers, ever.

The Sophists, though?

I’m willing to bet you likely have never heard of them.

They hardly lived the test of time.

Whereas Socrates is still frequently studied, some of his knowledge is the root of basic philosophic concepts. 

It goes to show:

Question everything.

You should.

Religion, politics, whatever anyone is saying in terms of business, and beyond.

You should question me.

That’s also why a big aspect of copywriting is answering objections.

It’s human nature to have doubts.

That’s why good copy has testimonials, social proof, and directly addresses objections the target audience would have in mind.

The other day I mentioned a crazy FB ad campaign.

It’s generating leads right now for $1.17 a pop.

If I was to listen to literally every guru ever right now saying FB ads are dead, I wouldn’t have created a killer campaign for my client.

The only thing you should believe is facts.

Facts you see for your own eyes. 

That’s the root of anything and anyone successful.

You question everything.


You go out there and give it a try.

If it doesn’t work?

You try something else.

If it does work?

You do more of it.

But you don’t cross anything out until you’ve tried it and know for a fact it doesn’t work.

Or, of course, if you have an existing offer you’re looking to scale…

You could skip the trial and error and hire me to do it for you.

I’ve already acquired data that factually tells me what does and doesn’t work. 

And hey, you’re right to question if I actually know what I’m doing.

But, I’ve got the testimonials and portfolio to back up what I’m saying.

The details (and facts) are here

Talk soon,


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