Swiper No Swiping

No, I’m not talking about Dora the Explorer.

I’m talking about copywriters and marketers who can’t write a single ad or email for themselves without blatantly copying someone else.

And let me get one thing clear:

I have a swipe file, in fact I sell my swipe file because swipe files help create inspiration, they’re useful.

I also preach (and practice) the process of writing down successful ads by hand.

But being a swipe file fiend? Different story.

“If you use swipe files, that is fine, but don’t delude yourself into thinking you have any kind of mastery of copywriting if you have to use one.”

– Dan Kennedy

Your best ads, emails, and beyond heavily rely on personality.

Some of the most successful ads for someone else, i.e. Gary Halbert won’t work for you.

While it’s good to learn from, you have to remember you’re not Gary Halbert.

He has an entirely different personality and audience.

It’s more of a case study than anything, something to learn from (but not literally copy). 

You can’t swipe a personality.

You can’t swipe a relationship with your audience.

You can learn from the greats, but you have to craft your own style.

Being a blatant rip off won’t make a mark on your industry.

Make your mark in your own way.

Thoughts for the day,


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