Couldn’t Sleep, So Here’s an Email

It’s currently 12:06 AM here in Kansas as I write this email.

I couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to open up Word and add a little bit to the book I’ve been writing.

Which may never be released, but every now and then I add a little more to this book.

Anyways in this particular chapter, I was writing about narratives.

It was a good lesson so I figured I’d write out an email, too.

So, here’s a snippet of that chapter:

Marketers, lawyers, journalists, prosecutors, politicans and beyond all really have one job.

Creating and controlling narratives.

But first, what really is a narrative?

Here’s Googles definition:



  1. a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.”the hero of his modest narrative”

Take another look at narrative used in a sentence.

“The hero of his modest narrative.”

It’s essentially crafting stories that build relationships, which in return lead whoever you’re speaking to closer to your goal.

Could be a lawyer convincing a judge or jury his client is innocent.

(Watch a lawyer during a trial you’ll see them use several stories that paint the defendant a certain way.)

Or the opposite, a prosecutor trying to paint the defendant as guilty.

And name a single politican that doesn’t use narratives.

Trump for example was a self made man, who doesn’t listen to anybody, and used stories to portray that.

Now for journalists:

Look at Fox, it’s biased right, they paint stories that portray them in a good light.

Such as “these BLM protestors weren’t wearing masks and spreading covid, they’re evil!”

Or NY Times publishing Trumps tax info painting him as a villian who doesn’t support the American system.

Last, but not least, marketers:

Let’s look at Tai Lopez.

One of his most famous ads he says something like “I started out in a trailer park with $47 to my name”.

Then goes on to cast a story that leads to what he’s selling.


All of these people (and brands) understood one thing, narratives is the name of the game.

If you can create and control a narrative, you win.

The art of creating compelling believable stories that build relationships and support your end goal is a skill that’ll benefit you for the rest of your life.


That’s it for me.

Just a little snippet along the lines of the chapter I was writing.

Might never release this book, mostly just writing it because I like writing, but figured it was too good to not email out.

Alrighty, I’m gonna’ go to bed now.

Talk tomorrow,


This blog post was originally part of an email newsletter I used to send out.

That list has since then been inactive due to me being busy with client work, but I plan on starting back up a newsletter here soon.

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