My Story (A.K.A. "About Me")

Hi, I'm Colton Randolph.

A lot of "about me" pages are incredibly boring, third person, and can't keep interest worth anything.

So, I'll try to keep this one short, interesting, and simple -- spoken to you just like your a friend sitting next to me (which you basically are).

I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur.

Bottom line is I like creating interesting projects.

I've been doing this since 13, when I first started a gameserver hosting company.

Specialized in Minecraft servers, we got a couple of customers but ultimately we fizzled out.

Later down the road, I had worked on Little Caesars.

And I hated it.

So much in fact, it sparked my desire to pursue entrepreneurship and actual freedom again.

Leading to me opening my first eCommerce store, what would be my first "real business".

After I started it, I struggled for a very long time, for the same reason as before -- I didn't know how to market or sale my products.

It took me a lot of trial and error before realizing all I needed to understand was marketing, then funding the projects would follow with that mastery of skill.

Eventually I strengthened my marketing abilities just like any other muscle and successfully launched my first Yoga online store.

During this process, I even developed my own eCommerce store platform software to solve the own issues I was experiencing myself with the software I was using at the time.

Using my same marketing knowledge, I was able to grow this platform to profitability (named Cart Grab).

I successfully ran it for a while, however ultimately got burned out and lost interest in the project leading me to close it.

Ever since, I've been teaching, practicing, and consulting on what my real passion is -- marketing, and over all "growth hacking" (I kind of hate this buzzword, but I'll use it here).

On my site, I'll be covering:

  1. Management of information systems. Business automation/systematization.
  2. Traffic & lead generation.
  3. Traffic & lead conversion.

These are the three main factors into 99.9% of business growth, so it only makes sense to personally teach, practice, and consult on it.

In short -- if you are interested in running a business, or do run a business, and look to grow that business -- you'll love me, my products, my services, and my site!

If you'd like to reach out to me, contact me here 🙂

- Colton Randolph